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Presentations from the 2nd Workshop: Moral/Criminal Responsibility and Neurocience

Stephen J. Morse, “Neuroscience and criminal responsibility” Anneli Jefferson, “To what extent can neuroscience inform our judgments of moral responsibility?” Markus Schlosser, “Conscious will, reason-responsiveness, and responsibility” Hannah Maslen & Imogen Goold, “Cognitive enhancement: Implications for legal responsibility” Georgia-Martha Gkotsi, … Continue reading

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Workshop 1 – Presentations

Marcel Brass, “Who’s in control? The neuroanatomy of intentional action” Alfred Mele, “Free will and substance dualism: The real scientific threat to free will?”

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Programme for Workshop 2

M O R A L  &  C R I M I N A L  R E S P O N S I B I L I T Y   A N D  N E U R O S C I … Continue reading

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