Programme for Workshop 2

M O R A L  &  C R I M I N A L  R E S P O N S I B I L I T Y  

A N D  N E U R O S C I E N C E

Monday 18 June – Tuesday 19 June

Supported by the AHRC, ‘Science in Culture’ Exploratory Award

Day 1, Monday June 18, Room STB3, Stewart House (basement)

12.00            Coffee

12.15             Introductions

12. 30           Stephen Morse (Pennsylvania)

Keynote: Neuroscience and criminal responsibility

2.00             Lunch

2.45              Rebecca Simpson (Manchester)

Philosophical problems with the partial defence of provocation: How neuroscience and behavioural genetics may assist

4.00             Coffee

4.15               Anneli Jefferson (Jülich)

To what extent can neuroscience inform our judgments of moral responsibility?

5.30              Close

7.00             Dinner (Location to be confirmed)

Dinner (Location to be confirmed)

Day 2, Tuesday June 19, Court Room, Senate House (first floor)

10.00           Sofia Jeppson (Stockholm)

Compatibilism and neuroscience

11.15           Coffee

11.30           Hannah Maslen (Oxford/Delft) and Imogen Goold (Oxford)

Cognitive enhancement: Implications for legal responsibility

12.45           Lunch

1.30             Markus Schlosser (Leiden)

Conscious will, reason-responsiveness, and moral responsibility

2.45               Coffee

3.00              Georgia-Martha Gkotsi (Lausanne)

Neuroscience in court: The criminal responsibility of the mentally ill

4.15               Close

***This workshop is invitation only***

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